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Apply for Membership in the New England E-Club

Please fill out this form as completely as possible.

Submission of this application requests approval for Membership to the Rotary E-Club of District 7930, the “New England E-Club.” Your submission of this application authorizes us to do the following with all, an excerpt of, or a summary of, the information you submit on this application:

  1. to contact your previous Rotary Club(s) to verify your current/previous standing in Rotary; and/or
  2. to contact references provided by you; and,
  3. to have your name submitted to the E-Club Board of Directors (or the organizing committee for such) for review and action; and,
  4. to circulate information about you to our E-Club membership for comment, as required by Rotary International.

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 Thank you for your interest in membership in
the Rotary E-Club of New England, USA!