Member Profile: Stephanie Sharkey

My Rotary Info

Sharon Rotary Member since April 2012. Previously, I was introduced to Rotary by my mother’s co-worker, where I applied and was chosen to go on a Rotary International’s Group Study Exchange to Scotland in 2010. Now, I reside physically in San Francisco, CA; belong to a club on Sharon, MA; but attend meetings on the Internet and couldn’t be having more fun.

About Me

Within the last two months, I’ve packed up my belongings and moved across the country to pursue a job that only exists in my head. And though I am normally very adventurous and willing to say yes to new things, this was more risky because I was leaving a good job, along with great friends and family. And the other risk is that, for me, there is no turning back. This isn’t a summer exchange, where there is an understanding that you will return home on a certain date. This is now my home where I need to build a new community, find new social circles, and find an apartment that accepts dogs.


So far, I’ve enjoyed my journey. I have seen natural wonders that I thought only existed in National Geographic. I have learned to tolerate, and maybe even enjoy camping. And I am happy with the decision to come to San Francisco to try something new in a new city. Being the oldest of four kids, it was difficult to decide to move so far away. But growing up in a military house, moving is the norm. So here I am, feeling like I’m on the cusp of some waterfall, ready to just jump over the edge.


Education & Occupation

This is usually the most boring part so here’s my attempt to make it enjoyable.

Past: Doctorate of Pharmacy

Masters in Business Administration

Present: On the job hunt in the regulatory or non-profit sector of pharma.

Future: CEO of _______


Hobbies & Interests

Nowadays, I find that I really pursue hobbies/interests. I don’t know if this indicates that I have too much time to myself, or that I now have some finances to try them. Whatever the reason, here are the most recent hobbies/interests/tinkerings I’m obsessed with:

–        Making lights/lighting: Because any environment is always set by the lighting.

–        Terrariums: I am a pro at killing plants. I think I secrete deadly plant acid through my skin. Whatever the case, I haven’t found a way to kill succulents/cactus, and making these spiny creatures look cute in a jar is a fun challenge.

–        Plants: As said before, I’m a natural killer. But it doesn’t keep me from trying. Check out my vertical plant tower on instructables – because my landlord won’t give me a plot of land with the apartment, I’m stuck with inventing ways to bring them inside. To kill them. (

–        Homes/Furniture/House Accessories: Besides being fascinated with the architecture around San Francisco, I’ve become obsessed with making things for the home. Includes a pipe shelving unit and suitcase table. I’m always trying to rethink how to use items. Thankfully, there is a Goodwill a couple of blocks away. They should start a saver’s club card just for me.

–        Travel: I must travel. I develop an itch if I don’t explore.  I’m pretty sure they can find the code for “travel” somewhere in my DNA.


I EAT ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. This is true – I even tried dog once. And I love dogs! I still like turkey more though. I have tried to be a vegetarian, but I wasn’t too successful during the 3 day trial. I blame my alter-ego for that failure.



I’ll probably update this as I think about more things that are worthwhile or interesting. I just came back from a camping trip in the Sacramento Delta (everyone should visit) and now have a hand tan line on my belly from falling asleep on the docks. But I did catch a few striped bass, so the tan line is worth it.  Take a look at the pictures – hope that makes up for the boring bio.