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My Rotary Info

I was introduced to Rotary on a whim. After having a grandfather and father who were very involved in Rotary I felt that I understood what Rotary was and it was not something that I ever saw myself getting involved in…hah! I could not have been more wrong. I was a junior in college when my Dad suggested that I should attend our local RYLA conference in District 5050, I thought that adding a Rotary Leadership camp to my resume would be a good notch on my belt; so for completely selfish reasons I agreed to attend RYLA. It turned out to be a decision that would change and shape the following years of my life. From my participant year a few moments stick firmly in my memory, but most importantly I found good people; really good people to add to my circle. I barely made the cut to come back as a Facilitator the following year and I was ecstatic. I wanted to give back and once again find myself in the RYLA environment; to continue to build the tentative bonds that had begun that first year. I was to learn that in the process of giving of yourself you also receive. After that I accepted the challenge of coming back as a 2nd year Facilitator the following year which required a sprint drive from my job in Utah and getting hone the night before RYLA. I promised myself that I was done with RYLA at that moment in time…and I went and I facilitated another year that brought many challenges and some rewards. It wasn’t long after that that I was  a making an even bigger commitment to be Head Facilitator for 2012. This commitment required that I change my lifestyle for six months and live in Washington. I am not sure what I can write of that experience, perhaps “thank you” to all the sincerely amazing and great people I had the opportunity to work with on our team.

I am not sure when there was first talk of Bangkok, but days after we completed our RYLA in District 5050, myself and my friend and co-inspirer in RYLA, Patty Klassen, were on a plane to Bangkok to attend the 2012 RI Conference. That experience of 35,000 Rotarians all giving of their time and money to meet in one place in order for peace and service over self–this was something I could hardly fathom. It was a few days later that I began to have a vision of my own; of how youth of my age and generation could be all sitting around a table in some foreign country, being inspired by the words and leaders of the RI Conventions and the places they were seeing and experiencing. Ultimately a generation that was empowered to create their own visions of how to better the world through service over self.

Now, I am a member of the New England E-Club of District 7950 and I cannot say where this story will go or what will become of the vision I had in Bangkok, but I imagine it will be an interesting story and I will see you all in Portugal 2013!

About Me

Where to start? I love travel. Adventure. Near-death experiences (occasionally 🙂 ). I have a dual-sport motorcycle that I greatly enjoy. I love exploring new places, cultures and people. Also, in my definition, travel is not merely the physical movement of one’s body to a new place- I believe travel can happen whenever you are wiling to grow whether spiritually, mentally, emotionally, or in your physical repertoire.

Education & Occupation

I hold a B.S. in Environment Science and Resource Management. (aka Forestry) among some other credentials.

I am willing to work a myriad of different occupations. Currently, I am working in Alaska and driving 45 foot long motor coaches and giving tours to visitors of Skagway. I have also worked on a dude ranch, as a nutritional consultant, house-keeping and a variety of other things. My goal is to become a Doctor of Chiropractic.

Hobbies & Interests

Photography. Hiking. Nature. Kayaking. Running. Reading. Writing. Music. Road trips. Rotary. People. Friends. And those dried Seaweed packages from Costco! 😉


I love ethnic foods! I also love spicy foods! Really the only food I dislike is fast food…I make a very poor American in that sense. I am willing to try just about anything once and my favorite snack in Thailand was squid on a stick with HOT green sauce! (Couldn’t feel my tongue for an hour!)


My goals this summer are to learn Spanish and Poi! Also you can see a few of my pictures and adventures at my blog: