Member Profile: Larry Levenson

I’ve been in Rotary since 1995. I came to my first Rotary meeting uninvited. . . a friend of mine told me that Rotary has a program that provides 8:1 matches for international projects and I came to find out about that (the Matching Grants Program). When I got up to the nametag table for that first luncheon, a Rotary said “Who invited you?” When I said “No one, I just came on my own,” he told me that I HAVE TO BE INVITED. So I turned to the person behind me in line, and said, “HE, invited me!” Of course, that person turned out to be a neighbor of mine and became my Rotary sponsor.

Prior to joining the eClub, I was a member of Eagan Rotary Club, Eagan, Minnesota USA; Prescott Sunup Rotary Club, Prescott, Arizona, USA. I have served as International Service Chair, Board Member, and Club President.

About Me

Married to eClub member Beth, 1 son and 1 daughter (who is also an eclub member).

Education & Occupation

I have a Master of Arts degree in Human Development (1981), and am currently the co-founder and Chief Inbound Officer of Sigma Web Marketing, and inbound marketing agency.

Hobbies & Interests

Hiking, photography . Just bought a recumbent bicycle and am learning to ride it.


Yes! Love food! Especially dark chocolate and good red wine, not necessarily together.