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Promoting RYLA 2014

RedTeamHuddleThere are a number of resources available to your club for use here.   RYLA is an incredible opportunity for the public, private, and trade schools in your community to identify young potential leaders and give them an experience of lifetime through RYLA.

Your best resource to promote RYLA in your club, your schools and in your community will be RYLA Alumni.  We have hundreds of Alumni in our communities that are fired up and eager to share their experience with you and your community.  Please reach out to us at ryla7950@gmail.com to schedule a speaker!

We also have a fantastic community-facing website for your students and their families to learn more about RYLA and our district’s other New Generations programs.  Please have them visit www.youth7950.org.

Interested students, schools, and community leaders can visit this website to learn more about RYLA and be encouraged to fill out the RYLA 2014 Student Application   and get that to your club by the time you schedule RYLA interviews in February and March, 2014.   Other content includes RYLA testimonials from our students, pictures, and forms for students to download and complete as part of the registration and preparation processes.

Sample RYLA Letter for Schools 2014 – Sample letter for use in requesting that Schools & Community Organizations assist in your efforts to locate students with leadership potential.

We suggest that you send this letter along with a copy of the RYLA RYLA 2014 Flyer and a  RYLA 2014 Student Application to the most appropriate contact person in your schools and community organizations.  Add your club logo or put the documents on your club letterhead to further promote your club and Rotary.

2014 Sample RYLA Press Release 2014 – Use this sample press release to announce in your local media the search for candidates.  Send to newspapers, radio, TV, etc.

RYLA KidsStudent Selection 

Our goal is for the local schools and community organizations to present the local Rotary Club with many times the number of qualified candidates for selection.  Every RYLA Alternate nominated by their clubs in the past three years were able to attend RYLA, so please nominate RYLA Alternates.

All RYLA applications will be collected through our RYLA Registrar, Lew Gordon. Please forward your student selections to the RYLA Registrar before the April 1st deadline.

The local Rotary Club will interview the nominees and choose the student(s) that will represent their club at RYLA.

In order to be eligible, students must presently be members of the current sophomore or junior class and be able to attend the entire RYLA weekend conference.

* Students must attend the entire weekend conference or they will not be able to attend.

The following criteria should be included in your selection process:

  • Trust FallLeadership Potential
  • Leadership Experience
  • Academic Ability 
  • Extracurricular Activities  
  • Intellectual Curiosity
  • Articulation 
  • Relationship with Peers
  • Openness to Experience
  • Diversity 

We are looking for sincere, interested, and well-rounded high school sophomores and juniors for RYLA.  Many past RYLArians have articulated how their interests and actions align to Rotary’s commitment to Service.   Your assistance and cooperation is very much appreciated by everyone at RYLA and in Rotary District 7950.

You will find the following tools in the document repository to the left:

  • RYLA 2014 Student Application– Form used by the RYLA Committee to design the online registration process for students to apply for the opportunity to attend the RYLA conference.  We will be forwarding student applications back to your club in a similar format.
  • RYLArian Selection Guidelines (additional detail) – Includes an outline of the qualities that the RYLA Committee is looking for in potential candidates.  This document should be used as a guide throughout your selection process.
  • Applicant  Sample Interview Questions Sample questions for use in the interview process.

Student / RYLArian Management 

Purple2010The RYLA team has put together a series of toolsets and samples that will help you manage your relationship with the RYLA students.   These include sample letters to students who have applied, an attendee information sheet (confirmation notice to the RYLA Registrar) and community PR about your RYLA nominees.

Note that ideally your club will have a specific RYLA coordinator, or someone who works with youth programs.  Should this not be the case, or if your RYLA / youth coordinators need any assistance, the RYLA team can work with you directly in any form to assist you in supporting your RYLArians.

Note that we have added the Student Form Package below that your selected students (and alternates) will need to complete and return to the RYLA Registrar.   These forms and documents will be emailed to your sponsored students, as well as you club president and/or RYLA chair directly.  Students will also be able to access these documents from our www.youth7950.org website.

Return Letters to Applicants (application responses)

Sample letters for use in communicating the results of the application & interview process to the candidates.  This includes:

2014 Student Selection Sample Press Release – Sample press release for notifying your local newspapers of the opportunity that you are providing to local future leaders.

Great public relations opportunity! Use this sample press release to announce in your local media the selection of RYLArians.  Send to newspapers, radio, cable access and local TV, etc.

Also a great photo opportunity! Consider sending photos along with the press release.  How about one of these for starters:

1)      The recipients & your key contact at the school or organization and a Rotarian (the Club President and/or Chairperson)

2)      A group picture of the recipients, with or without their parents.

3)      Be sure to include: For More Information on Rotary, Please Go To (Your Club’s Website) ______________________ or  http://www.youth7950.org.

Student Preparation

2010PurpleWallThe RYLA Committee has set up a separate website for RYLArians and parents to go to in order to get the information in this section – http://youth7950.org/.

We’ve built that site because we do not want non-Rotarians to be confused with all of the supporting materials the club and committee are working with the information, forms, and materials that the students and their families must receive.

Here is the form package for RYLA 2014 RYLArians (selected and alternates) to complete and return to the RYLA Registrar no later that April 15th, 2014.

Here are some additional pieces of information your students will receive:

The information that will be posted here is (ideally) for your use and reference only as we all collaborate to ensure that each RYLArian and her family has the best experience possible.    Thank you!

Please contact our RYLA Committee at ryla7950@gmail.com if you have any questions.

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